Course curriculum

    1. How often should I post?

    2. How to come up with blog post ideas

    3. The article guaranteed to get shared

    4. How to keep people from stealing your content

    5. Repurposing your content

    6. My checklist after I hit publish

    1. SEO for bloggers who don't want to do SEO

    2. How to find keywords for your blog posts

    3. All the benefits of interviewing an expert

    1. How to create a simple ebook cover

    2. How to edit photos without Photoshop

    3. How to get a gorgeous logo that looks like you paid $1,000 for it

    4. What should you put in your blog sidebar?

    5. Where to find great images to use for your blog posts

    1. QUICK TIP: How to get approved with AdSense

    2. Getting started with AdSense

    3. QUICK TIP: Adding AdSense code to your blog

    4. The simplest way to start increasing AdSense earnings

    5. Increase your AdSense earnings simply by moving your ads

    6. How to get higher paying AdSense clicks

    7. How to get custom-sized AdSense units

    8. How I increased AdSense earnings $1,500 in less than 3 months

    9. QUICK TIP: How you can earn more with fewer AdSense ad units

    1. Getting started with affiliate marketing

    2. My 3 tips to continually increase affiliate earnings

    3. How I made an extra $1,000/month with 5 minutes of work

    4. The basics of CPM Networks

    5. My earnings breakdown

    1. Why you should aggressively focus on growing your email list

    2. How to get more email subscribers

    3. How to write compelling email that converts

    4. Email List-Building Workshop (BONUS CONTENT)

About this course

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“Within a month of starting the class, I immediately saw an increase in traffic (about 100%) and my Adsense income quadrupled based on some recommendations from the course modules. I HIGHLY recommend anyone looking to monetize their platform take the course as soon as possible.”

Aja M.

“After following Bob's suggestions on Adsense placement, my earnings immediately increased by $10+ per day. Over the past 10 months, this one simple suggestion has earned us additional, unanticipated revenues of over $10,000 (so far).”

David G.

“Pro-Blogging Secrets helped me start a blog and grow it to over 3,000 monthly readers. I just recently launched my first product and I’m getting 3-5 new email subscribers per day…on autopilot!”

Tim P.

“I can't believe how much the changes Bob suggested benefited earnings - they're double what they were.”

Matt J.

“Following Bob’s course helped me get 10,145 visits to my blog in my first month blogging!”

Heather O.

“I’m in the Pro-Blogging Secrets course right now and it’s astonishing to me how much I can still learn about blogging, even with all the classes I've taken.”

Rosemarie G.

“I read everything I can that Bob puts out and Pro-Blogging secrets is crammed full of nuggets and practical gems that are going to take my blog to the next level. Every video has actionable advice and the info is broken down into practical steps that make a huge difference. I’ve already started using Bob’s advice on using images and the difference is night and day.”

Neal F.

“Using some of Bob's traffic ideas, my Pinterest traffic has increased 2,300% compared to the same period last year.”

Steve C.


Bob Lotich

SeedTime Founder

Bob Lotich is a Certified Educator in Personal Finance (CEPF®), award-winning blogger, and has been named a top 20 social influencer in personal finance. But most importantly he isn't just teaching theory, but it is real life for him. Having lived through significant financial struggles himself (and having come out the other side) he has an understanding of money in the "real world" that most financial gurus can't relate to. Everything he teaches he (and Linda) live out themselves and have proven the concept before sharing with others.

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